Pallmax Sweden AB is a family owned company founded in 1990 and we are proud to present the TRANE and BOLIDEN brand batteries for the global markets. In 2021 Pallmax Sweden AB expanded its battery brand portfolio to include MONBAT BATTERIES, one of Europe’s larges battery manufactures. 

Our business concept is to be a trustworthy and reliably B2B partner offering products with the highest quality available on the market. By building close and strong relationships with our clients in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana among other countries, together with our knowledge of the African market and culture, Pallmax has shown growing figures for consecutive years.

In 2013, to meet response from clients, Pallmax Sweden AB opened its first subsidiary Pallmax East Africa Ltd in Kampala, Uganda. With an over the counter shop and workshop Pallmax East Africa operates as a hub mainly serving Uganda and its neighbouring countries as well as contacts with local UN offices in the area. 

Pallmax Sweden AB’s mission is to always show Commitment, Dedication and Involvement.

Pallmax Sweden AB has AAA-rating (highest credit rating) from international Credit Rating Institutes.

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