Pallmax Sweden AB is since 1990 agent for the TRANE and BOLIDEN brand batteries on the African continent.

Built and developed with technology from Sweden and Germany, the TRANE Silver Calcium SMF and BOLIDEN is the Top-End of Automotive Batteries worldwide. Already in 2003 and 2009 Trane Silver Calcium SMF was rated 5-star and top ranked out of a selection of 18 contestants from all over the world. Pallmax Sweden AB provides Sealed Maintenance Free, SMF, Dry Charge Low-Maintenance Battery and Deep Cycle/Solar Batteries, which all are built with guaranteed 100% factory workmanship and highest technology to provide highest quality possible.


With the Silver Calcium SMF you are guaranteed an absolutely maintenance free battery – no need to add water, proven to have longer lasting service in hot and cold weathers. Sealed Maintenance Free lid completely seals the lid to guarantee the original factory expertise, Premium Quality guaranteed.


For worry-free and long-time storage of dry charged batteries, no other battery will serve you better. With top-end technology of the Dry Charge battery it will remain fresh and ready for starting for years.


Built with the premium TRANE technology, the Deep Cycle/Solar batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. This makes the Deep Cycle/Solar battery suitable for use at solar panel installation, lightning, motor homes and more.

Trane and Boliden SMF

Absolutely Maintenance-Free. No need to add water.


Trane and Boliden only use 99.9% pure virgin lead


The ergonomic, user-friendly, strong and robust handle can be neatly pushed back into the lid

High Technology

Word Class Technology, only pure virgin materials used, robust and durable against ultraviolet rays

Cast-on-straps only

Built by the most modern COS machines. No hand burning

SMF-mounted Flash Arrestor

Protects against explosions caused by external flame or sparks

TRANE, The Real 5-Star Battery. Premium quality guaranteed